Selling your car is easy when dealing with a trustworthy source. There are two important things when selling your car or bakkie.

One, always make sure the company that is buying your vehicle does the necessary change of ownership. You as the seller has a right to receive a proof of NCO (Notice Change of Ownership) document. You as the seller can also submit an NCO document to the license department if you do not receive a proof of registration document from the buyer. When a NCO is not submitted and the buyer does not register the car or bakkie in their name you will not be able to renew license discs on any of your other vehicles. Rather play it safe. Submit a NCO document as soon as your transaction is done. Not all “dealers” register the cars they buy in their name because they want to cut down on costs. In our opinion there is only one way and that is the RIGHT way.

Two, when it comes to receiving your funds after we have agreed on the price for your car or bakkie. Do not accept hard cash from an untrustworthy source. If you want to accept cash rather go to the nearest bank and let the buyer deposit the cash directly into your bank account. Stick with someone when going this route, do not attempt to do this alone. It is not safe!

When the buyer is doing an EFT payment into your account make sure the funds are in your account and available. Most banks have a pay-and clear option. There is some time linked to these types of transactions, just confirm with the bank applicable. Do not release your car, bakkie, trailer, caravan or bike before you are sure the funds can’t be reversed.

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