Selling my accident damaged car or bakkie

When selling your accident damaged car or bakkie you need to keep in mind that there is a book value on the vehicle as well as a selling price. When your car or bakkie is damaged you will not be able to get a full price regarding the book value of your specific year model and car type.  Keep in mind the values of cars are not set in stone. We buy wheels will buy your car or bakkie that was in an accident.

The ‘Book value’ we refer to is only a guide line for buying your car or bakkie. When we look at an accident damaged car or bakkie we assess the damage and repairing cost of the vehicle.

For example; accident damaged 2010 VW polo 1.4 repair cost of R20 000 and the book value is R73 000 but the selling price is between R60 000- R70 000. From the selling price we deduct the damage cost and you need to keep in mind that the vehicle is accident damaged. So to be fair you are going to be looking at a price of R25 000-R30 000 for the damaged car depending on the condition of the rest of the car.  This way it can be a win for both parties.

Sell your car or bakkie today.

Selling my non-runner car or bakkie

When we look at a car or bakkie with a mechanical or electrical fault it becomes a completely different situation. It all depends on the problem, when it is a mechanical problem it is usually more than just a head gasket or a faulty starter. It all comes down to the mechanical engineer. They charge labor and also you will need some new parts.

We at We Buy Wheels only accept 110% quality when it comes to mechanical work that needs to be done on one of our cars or bakkies.

The saying goes; “Cheap labor is not skilled and skilled labor is not cheap.”

You sometimes see that the electrical or mechanical fault is so severe that it is best to rather sell the car to a scrap yard for parts. It can take a while to recover your money, if even. We at We Buy Wheels will help you make the best decision on selling your car or bakkie today.