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Where we started: Our founding member started following his passion for vehicles in 1994. Working as a part time Entrepreneur and a full time car enthusiast. In the spare time he had, he would buy non running vehicles and rebuild and restore them from the ground up. In 2006 he shifted his attention to vehicles full time, working with his son who was still a high school student at the time .They started handing out flyers and advertising on street lamps and working off other dealer’s floors. With the majority of the vehicles bought from vehicle Auctions and a small portion from the public.

In 2014 the father and son duo bought their first floor in Zambezi drive Montana. With a staff of only 4 people, they had now shifted their focus from auction vehicles to solely servicing the public, times were tough with a very small client base as they were relatively unknown. In 2016 they made the We Buy Wheels name known, advertising on their 1st radio station, and a small online presence. Fast forward to 2020 with multiple radio stations, billboards, a huge online presence and thousands of happy clients they are now a force to be reckoned with as one of the top buying services in Gauteng and Northwest province. They are second to none when it comes to client service, speed and quality. With the next few years looking brighter than ever with branches planned in Cape Town, KZN, Free-state and Mpumalanga, we aim to be the top buying company in South Africa .WATCH THE SPACE !!

Our process when we buy Cars.

  • You complete a short application form online at
  • Within an hour we send you range offer with our minimum and maximum offer subject to viewing the vehicle, prices may differ on our minimum and maximum should some of the details on the vehicle be incorrect, such as year model mileage and variant.
  • Should you accept the range offer we send you, the next step is to set up an appointment with one of our experienced buyers.
  • They then in turn come out and do a final evaluation on your vehicle and give you the best possible market related offer.
  • Should you accept the offer the next steps will follow.
  • When we buy cars, before we leave the money for the purchase of your car will be in your account and available immediately.
  • When we buy cars, we immediately send you an email with an invoice as proof of the purchase.
  • We are also responsible for the change of ownership after buying your car, and this process takes 3-5 working days.
  • Documents that we require when we buy cars :
    • Original ID or copy of the owner of the vehicle
    • Original Natis (Rc1) document
    • Proof of residence.
  • If the vehicle is still under finance we will need the following additional documentation
    • Settlement letter from the bank
    • Natis COPY , and the above mentioned documents
  • When we buy cars that still have an outstanding balance with the bank the next steps follow.
    • We settle the outstanding amount with the bank and provide you with proof of the payment.
    • Should there be a surplus we pay the outstanding into your account.
    • Should there be a shortfall you pay the shortfall to our account and we settle the vehicle in full.
    • If you prefer to pay the shortfall yourself, you are then responsible to provide us with an updated settlement .We will then pay the agreed upon price after we received updated documents and send the proof.


  • How long does the process take to sell my car?
    • Roughly 15-25 minutes
  • Is the money available immediately?
    • Yes , we pay from all the Major banks to ensure that the money is available immediately
  • How long does the change of ownership take
    • 3-5 working days
  • Is the sale voetstoots.
    • Yes this is why we do a evaluation before purchasing the vehicle.
  • Should I not be happy with the offer am I under any obligation to sell my vehicle?
    • No we offer a Free no obligation evaluation
  • When can I cancel my insurance?
    • Soon as the money reflects in your account you can cancel your insurance on the vehicle as all our buyers are covered under We Buy Wheels insurance.

We take the hassle out of selling your car, plus the benefit of immediate payment.