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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the Website and/or services of WE BUY WHEELS. By using our Website and/or our services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. General
    • These terms and conditions govern your use of the Website and/or our services.
    • The Website acts as a platform to enable a Seller to procure an Offer for its Vehicle from We Buy Wheels with a view to selling the Vehicle to We Buy Wheels.
    • WE Buy Wheels never guarantees, a minimum Offer.
    • Loading the Vehicle on the Website and obtaining an Offer, is free of charge. The Offer does not constitute a valid and binding sale until such time as the Offer has been accepted by the Seller.

  2. Correct Information
    • Should you upload a Vehicle to the Website and make it available for sale/get an offer you hereby acknowledge that an Offer being made by We Buy Wheels will be made based on the information provided by you. Accordingly, you hereby unconditionally warrant and confirm that all information provided by you is true accurate and correct.

  3. Sales Agreement
    • A valid sale agreement will be entered into between the Seller and We Buy Wheels immediately once the Seller accepts the Offer and the Seller will be deemed to have sold, and We Buy Wheels will be deemed to have purchased, the relevant Vehicle. Please note: The sale will be subject to We Buy Wheels inspecting the Vehicle and the Vehicle being as described on the Website.
    • Once an Offer is accepted, it is deemed that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Sale Agreement, available on our website or on request from If you have any queries please contact us before accepting any Offer or conducting any transaction for any service through this Website.

  4. Indicative Valuation
    • Subject to a Seller entering true and accurate information relating to the relevant Vehicle on the Website, the Seller may receive an estimated value range for its Vehicle. The estimated value range is merely an indicative value of the Vehicle and is to be used for information purposes only - this is in no way a minimum Offer guarantee. The indicative range, will still be subject to inspection and the Vehicle being in accordance with the Seller’s description thereof, as disclosed through the Website. The valuation of a Vehicle utilizing the Website does not in any way whatsoever constitute an Offer to purchase the Vehicle.
    • The Seller may decide in its sole discretion whether to accept an Offer to sell its Vehicle utilizing the Website, but note that once an Offer is accepted, a legally binding contract of sale is created between We Buy Wheels and the Seller and the Seller shall be obliged to sell the Vehicle to the Purchaser on the terms and conditions contained in the Sale Agreement.

  5. Paperwork
    • Unless the contrary is agreed to by the Purchaser, all Vehicles must have been registered in the Seller’s name for a minimum period of 6 months from the date on which the Vehicle was loaded on the Website.
    • No Purchaser shall not be obliged to purchase any Vehicle if, in its sole discretion, all relevant paperwork and sale history are not in order to its satisfaction.

  6. Limitation of Liability
    • We Buy Wheels does not make any guarantee or promise that any Offer will be made in respect of any Vehicle.
    • We Buy Wheels shall not be liable to any person for any loss, of whatsoever nature and howsoever.
    • The use of the Website is at the user's own risk.
    • We Buy Wheels reserves the right to withdraw an offer made, without notice or reason.

  7. Promotions
    • All people participating in/or benefiting from this Promotion will be subject to the rules set out in these terms and conditions. The Organizers may in their sole discretion amend these Rules at any time, without notice, and such amendment(s) shall be deemed to have taken effect from the date the revised Rules are available on the Website.
    • Promotion Period: 1 April 2021 – 1 December 2021
    • Who can take part: In order to qualify for the monthly give away you will have to have done business with We Buy Wheels in the last 3 months, proof must be provided on request ex purchase agreement.
    • How to enter into the draw: Complete the complement section on the website and submit your compliment.

  8. Changing/Updating of these Terms and Conditions
    • We reserve the right to change, modify, add to or remove from portions or the whole of these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will become effective upon such changes being posted to this Website. . Your use of this Website following the posting of changes or updates will be considered notice of your acceptance to abide by and be bound by these Terms and Conditions, including such changes or updates.

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