There are various ways of selling your car, and you can read this article where we broke every option down. Even though there are a lot of options, selling to a dealership like We Buy Wheels comes with many benefits, and in this article, we’ll explore why this method of selling can be hassle-free for you as the seller.

  1. You’ll be dealing with experts

When you sell to a dealership, you’re going to be talking with people whose business is buying and selling cars. This means that you won’t have to take them through all the small inconsistencies and issues, as you’ll have to when dealing with a private buyer.

  1. Dealerships will handle the paperwork

If you try and handle this yourself, paperwork can be extremely time-consuming! Dealerships will assist you with any paperwork relating to finance contracts, change of ownership documentation, and roadworthy certificates. 

  1. You’ll save a lot of effort (and even money) on advertising your car

Finding a safe and effective way of advertising your car can be challenging. You can expose yourself to criminals and scammers, as you don’t have any way to know exactly who you’re dealing with (except if you have a lie detector at home). With reputations to maintain, dealerships can be trustworthy and risk-free. Honestly, visit our homepage at We Buy Wheels to see how easy it is to start the process!

  1. You’ll be saving a lot of time

Setting up appointments with potential buyers, creating online ads and dealing with paperwork takes up a lot of time. When you sell to a dealer, they’ve already taken care of all these problems before you’ve even recieved your money, and better yet, they come to you when it suits you! You also don’t have to drive your car and hand it over to the dealer. A technician will come to check the condition of the vehicle, and write a detailed report about the car’s condition. After this is done, and you’ve reached an agreement, the sale is done! 

  1. You’ll receive immediate payment

Dealers won’t try and negotiate payment terms or require you to wait a few days before the payment reflects into your account. You’ll agree on a price for the vehicle, process the paperwork and the money will be paid into your account straight away. By the time the dealer has left with your sold vehicle, you’ll see all those new zero’s staring at you in your bank account. Also keep in mind that many online dealers pay significantly more than offline dealers, so shopping around doesn’t hurt (except when we can assure you that with We Buy Wheels you’ll get the best prices).


Selling your vehicle to a dealership comes with many benefits: time saving, money saving, safety and re-assurance. In the fast-paced world we live in today, these benefits make selling your car this way a no-brainer! 

So whether your looking to sell your running, non-running or accident-damaged vehicle, look no further than We Buy Wheels

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