South Africans are known for being hard to impress, and when looking at the second-hand car market, you see that the market is dominated by the same brands that we have come to know and trust over the years. Think about your daily commute to work in the morning. Which badges do you see on almost every third or fourth car that you pass? Was your answer Volkswagen, Toyota, or Ford? No, we’re not psychics that can read your mind, we’ve just studied the numbers and the results speak for themselves.

But before we reveal the list of the most popular second-hand cars, let’s look at what factors determine the value of second-hand cars:


We see many different colour’s of cars on the road every day, but the one that makes up more than 24% of cars on the road are white, and in the second-hand market, this colour will net you the best prices when selling your car. The benefits of white paint, range from being the most visible colour, has the lowest maintenance requirements and it is harder to see any scratches and dents and even dirt on a white car.

The colours that follow closely are grey, silver, and black, but unfortunately the unforgiving South African sun will expose all those little impurities you don’t want noticed.

Body Shape and Style

The number one consideration for most South Africans is fuel economy. We want to squeeze every last bit of distance out of our fuel tanks. Knowing this, smaller cars will always be the number one choice for South Africans, and hatchbacks are the number one car in South Africa. Nevermind their visual appeal, their smaller size makes them the perfect car for economic performance as well as being easy to handle in the busy city districts we have in SA. 

Secondly, for the families, Sedans come in a close second. Offering room for all the kids and their schoolbags, as well as being reasonably economic when it comes to fuel efficiency, it’s no wonder Sedans are so popular.

Finally, we have the big SUV’s. We normally encounter SUVs in the higher-income districts of the nation, as they are by far the most expensive to run when it comes to fuel and maintenance. The benefit though is space, lots of space. Bakkies also fall into this category of vehicles.

Resale Value

Resale value is determined by all the factors above. But most importantly cars that are economical and easy to maintain hold the highest resale value in SA. These cars get bought more easily and will generally swap owners a few times in their lifetime. 

Brand and Model

People buy cars like they buy their clothes and their shoes: Only the best in the business gets trusted. Looking at the cars that are currently on the road, one could get the impression that there is only a limited number of brands in the country, but that is not the case at all! We have a huge number of cars in SA, we just keep on going back to all the same brands that we’ve come to trust over the years. These brands like Volkswagen and Ford, will always have higher resale values compared to brands like Tata or GWC.

The Top 10

Without any further ado, knowing what South Africans love and how cars are judged, here is the official top 10 most sold second-hand cars in 2020!

According to Autotrader these are the Top-10 Most Sold Cars in SA in 2020.

Looking at the list, we have 50% small and compact cars, 20% sedans and 30% SUV’s. The Ford Ranger came out trumps in the past year, with the VW Polo a close second. Can you see all the cars on this list on your way to your daily commute? We’re sure that you can.

Why should I know this?

Knowing what cars are valuable can help you make informed decisions when purchasing your next vehicle. It can also help you decide on offers when selling your car. Knowing which cars are more valuable and should get higher offers, will help protect you against dealers and buyers who want to take advantage.

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