We know it’s a cliché that people use every January, but when we say new year, new car – we mean it! There has never been a better time to invest in a new vehicle for yourself, as 2021 saw some amazing cars at affordable prices dominate the market. Why are you still punishing yourself by still driving around in a 10-year-old model, that uses fuel like an airplane and drives like a donkey? Sure, you’ll maybe pay a bit extra month-to-month on your payment if you’re not buying cash, but you’ll save so much on fuel, maintenance, and reliability.

As our first example, we would like to showcase the new Chery Tiggo Pro4. Chery has always been known as a cheaper brand that makes small and ugly cars, with cheap interiors and that break down more than they drive. But as Kia turned their cars around in 2015 and now one of the most reliable car brands on the market, the new Chery Tiggo Pro4 is the flagship that is going to take Chery to new heights. With a futuristic and un-“Chery” like exterior, they absolutely nailed the outside of the car. The inside is even better and comes standard with all the gadgets that you expect from high-end brands in the market. Why are we telling you all this? Because all of this comes at only R269 000.00. For that price, you can have a brand-new vehicle that is excellent on fuel, easy to maintain and looks very good on the road. The closest competitor if you’re still not keen to dip you’re toes into the Chery name, is the new Nissan Magnite, which is already starting to become a familiar site on the roads of South Africa.

To convince you more, here are the top 5 affordable vehicles sold in 2021, as well as the starting prices for the model mentioned:

  • Volkswagen Polo: R232 500.00
  • Toyota Starlet: R220 800.00
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser R247 900.00
  • Haval Jolion R309 000.00
  • Kia Picanto R189 995.00

The only car in the top 5 above R300k is the Haval Jolion, but being an SUV we totally understand why the public absolutely loves this car. These prices showcase how affordable good cars have become, and by buying a mainstream car, you can rest assured that you’ll never be short on spare parts and accessories. All of these vehicles have similar engines and can achieve fuel consumption in the range of 20km per liter. 

New names in the industry have also become less of a gamble when buying a vehicle, as vehicles like Haval, Chery and GWM have re-entered the market with some absolute gems. There was a time that you could buy a brand new Chery for under R100k, but similar to cheap shoes, the less you pay the less you’re going to get out of them. These companies have caught up with the times and they all produce cars that fit in beautifully in the market, at prices that make them hard to ignore! 

So, if you’re sitting with an old “skedonk” and you’re thinking of selling to upgrade your ride, give We Buy Wheels a call and we’ll give you the best price for you vehicle. We buy running, non-running and accident damaged vehicles so you have no excuses not to phone one of these dealerships and get into something new.

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